6 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Inspired by Science

Have you ever read The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad?

(I know what you are thinking….I thought this was a Mother’s Day post.) At the end the bear cubs ask why there isn’t a day for them. My 4-year old is very perplexed by this question. I’m sure every Mom can relate to this, too. I’m sure kids need another special day (did you detect the sarcasm?) But what would we kids do without our moms? (or dads)

Nevertheless, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are coming. Mother’s Day is first and if you are anything like me, you have put off planning for it until this week (and then find that you have no time to fit in any of the grand ideas that have been rattling around in your brain)

Why not surprise your mom (or Dad cuz all of these thoughts can be modified just a little for Dad) with a thoughtful gift as well as show her how smart you are and thus what a great mom she is by raising such a brilliant child.

I think the number one gift on mother’s day has to be some variation of flowers so why not start there.

Here are some thoughts to get you started…..

  1. Use your crystal growing skills and grow crystal flowers. You had better plan ahead on this one since it takes overnight to get really great crystals. If you are growing rock candy crystals then you had better start today because they take 4 or 5 days to really work.
  2. Create a thermal flower. The Thermal powered flower from Kiwi crate is awesome. I love their experiments and their thermal flower is perfect for mother’s day and you can do it on your own without ordering the crate.
  3. Light up flower circuit. The possibilities are endless with this. You will need a button battery, some wire, electrical tape (or something like
    light up flower card
    via LeftBrainCraftBrain

    it) and LED lights (if you only have mini Christmas tree lights you will just need to use a couple of button batteries instead of just one and they aren’t super bright but they will work). Create a circuit from the battery to the light and add your own finesse and art skills and you will end up with a fun flower that your mother is sure to love.

  4. Use your chromatography knowledge to create colorful coffee filter flowers. I like to use several coffee filters bunched together and attached to painted popsicle sticks but you should arrange them in a way your mom would enjoy.

    coffee filter flowers
    via rookie parenting
  5. Use your crystal growing skills to create crystal geodes. Moms usually like gems so it might be fun to grow these “gems” and surprise your mom. I hear egg shells work great for this. Check out some of these links to get some ideas. Once again, plan ahead because they will need to sit overnight for the crystals to grow.
  6. A little acid/base science will help you make amazing Bath Bombs. Need I say more? Every mom needs some relaxation time because, let’s be honest, being a mom is the most amazingly stressful job ever. So, find something to occupy your own time and let your mom relax for a few minutes. Add a bath bomb to the mix and Mom will be in a much better mood. They are just “called” bath bombs but they don’t need to be used in the bathtub. A footsoak or handsoak are equally effective stress relievers. You do need an acid to accompany your baking soda. Most recipes use citric acid, which is what I would use, but it might be hard to find. Check the ingredients on things like Koolaid or sour candies. They just might have the citric acid you need. You could also try ascorbic acid, which is Vitamin C. The fizzing might not be as “fizzy” but it will still work. Be sure to pick some essential oils like lavender, rosemary or orange.


All of these gifts are based on standard science so they are perfect to show off how smart you are as well as show off what a great mom you have because she has such a smart kid.

Disclaimer: I assume no liability for any of your actions or consequences thereof.  When performing any kind of science experiment please use safe lab techniques.

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