About ChemSimply

 Science. Simply Put.

What do I do……

I help students with their science classes. I have blog posts that focus on chemistry and simplifying the core concepts but my goal is to benefit as many students as I can. There is a science tutoring group and new products and tutorials all of the time based on what students (and teachers) are asking for. You can follow me on Twitter (sunny@chemsimply), Pinterest (chemsimplybysun) and Facebook (ChemSimply by Sunny) for additional science tidbits. Check out the recommendations page for the latest and greatest stuff.

How it all started……

I miss teaching. I taught science for several years and now I stay at home with my kids. I love being a mom but I miss teaching science. A bunch of students were saying how they just couldn’t understand their chemistry teacher so I created ChemSimply to provide a place with chemistry concepts that have been simplified. Teaching is an art but so is learning. Science seems to be a subject that is often difficult to learn so I want to provide you with resources that you want and will work best for you.

Let’s Chat……

My little 4-year Old says this to me all of the time. I love chatting and learning new things. So, why don’t you and I chat. Talk to me about what your challenges are in your science courses. Tell me what resources you wish were available. Let me know what you need help with. The following is an email form. I respond to all of my emails (as long as they aren’t spam) and I check it all of the time. Below the form is the comment section; don’t be afraid to comment! I just ask that we all keep this a safe and happy place! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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